Friday, June 14, 2013

WEMS Stumpfarm, 2013

WEMS Race. Didn't feel as strong as I did a couple of weeks ago in Oregon at the Sisters Stampede. Had some cramping during the week and forgot to pop a couple Endurolytes before the race and the cramps started on my left calf midway through the 2nd lap....then both legs started cramping up on the 3rd. go round.
Probably wouldn't have changed my race time much more than 2-3 minutes which wouldn't have changed my placement much but I would have felt better finishing strong instead of limping in.
I had put a couple fizzes in my water and was hoping that would be enough to ward off any cramps, but was wrong.
Had a good time, saw a few friends that were doing the 60 and 100 mile races and I'm glad friend Drew won the same 30 mile race I was in.

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