Friday, July 19, 2013

Mt. Hood, July 2013

We all gathered at Timberline Lodge in preparation of the wedding of our oldest son Chris to his betrothed, Helen.

Rode the Timberline trail from the Lodge to Government Camp where the Crosstown trail starts on the BIG DAY. I had to get back to the Lodge to catch the 4WD ride up to Silcox Hut, where the wedding was going to take place later that afternoon. I guess there was some angst about my decision making, but all's well that ends well I guess.

I'm not sure if TrailFu is 100% accurate as the Timberline trail isn't mentioned, but in any case, the Timberline trail was a great ride. 5 1/2 miles downhill, buff and not steep. I was directed to ride down Glade ski run from the Lodge, but that is much more of a true DH run. Timberline is more cross-country.
My original plan, not knowing Timberline existed until I started out from the Lodge and how difficult it would be to go back up, was to ride Glade to Crosstown then get on Pioneer Bridal and get picked up from there in the town of Rhododendron.
Once I got on Timberline and rode to Government Camp, I just turned around and rode back up to the Lodge so no one had to take time out of their day to come get me. 40 minutes down, 1 hour 20 back up. A good workout, a bit over 2,000 foot climb.

There was snow in some protected gulleys. I rode over a lot of the snow but was cautious as I wasn't sure how soft it was. Temps in the 70's so it was melting fairly fast.

 The Keens in snow!

Skiing on the glacier.

Garmin info/route

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