Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Plains of Abraham, Mt. St. Helens 2013

This ride was on my list for last May but it was still under snow then. I didn't do the whole enchilada this time either due to time restraints, but that's fine, a great reason to come back some day.

Went back to Camas Bike and Sport and got hooked up with the Specialized Carve Comp 29er again, a nice bike. Seems very light. The shop is excellent to work with and even got me lined out on a nice local trail I could ride right from the shop that afternoon in Camas, Lacamas Park.

Back to the Plains ride...a great pull up to the Plains through miles of old growth on a pretty buff trail. Fantastic!
Once on top the views of St. Helens and the surrounding countryside were just as amazing.

Driving up from Vancouver, WA the clouds were heavy and no views available but with the forecast that they'd get burned off, I'm a bit glad I didn't arrive till noon. About the time I started the mt started appearing.

The climb up..........

Breaking out from the trees, heading to the Plains.

Mt. Adams in the background.

On the Plains looking up at St. Helens.

Can't see due to the shadows, but there were many trees along that hillside that were hit by the blast and are still there, all pointing uphill, away from the blast direction.

 Mt. Adams again.

Far amount of vegetation growth in the distance.

Fellow biker....she was there with some friends who had continued on up a narrow hogs back towards Windy Ridge. Would have loved to go on a few more miles to get that view, but had to turn back here.

Mt. Rainier.

Yours Truly.

Lots of flowers in bloom.

Garmin route/info.

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