Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Softride, Sh*tbike, The FREAK

Added a bike to the stable...not sure why except that it kinda caught my eye. I saw one in Oak Ridge, Oregon at the LBS when I was out there riding this spring. The guy working the store owned it and he showed it to me with a bit of detail. Said he liked it and it is a bit unique. Can't argue.

It also has a reputation in a national BIKE mag.

It's a 1 owner bike that was bought in 1995. Was taken very good care of. I plan on riding it when our grandson and I go on rides.
Softride was the manufacturer. Out of business now. Appears you love em or hate em.

Took it out for a ride on the Allegrippis Trail system in PA. It did fine. Only real concern were the rim brakes. Just don't have the quick response and performance so really couldn't rail the trail. Met a few riders on the trail as well so had to stay in control.
Positioning was better than expected and was rather imp
ressed how it climbed. Took Rays Revenge backwards which got the attention of a couple locals, Tom and Tony.


Matt Maxwell said...

With a Softride stem too! Just be careful, those bikes had a reputation for throwing the rider over the handlebars on rough trail. Could be a good gravel bike though.

mark scotch said...

Good advice! It'll be reserved for the easy stuff.

Anonymous said...

I always considered those Gary Fisher's you hauled out to PA in the past to be SH*T BIKES!

The Softride has proven it will last for more than a season or two!

And what is this sneak attack of the Allegripis Trails? Let's take that thing up to Rothrock where there is real riding!

Harassment from PA Jeff

mark scotch said...

You mean Scary Fissures, right? Sure can't argue that point! I got rid of the HiFI (the bike I had on both occasions when you witnessed my elbow shreddings) and tried to get out of the brand, but due to trade in value ended up with the Trek (Scary Fissure Collection) Superfly. But it's a 29er and I seem to be able to stay behind the handlebars better on it!
I won't be taking The FREAK out on the stuff you've suggested, that's for sure!!
Next time I come in for work and if I have time I'll try to connect.

RYAN said...

Wow that bike must be quite old now since you got it in 1995. The bike ride on the Allegrippis Trail sounds like such a fun day.