Thursday, June 12, 2014

Canoe Weekend

Spent the weekend on or the near the water. Great weather, friends and "companion".

First stop, Copper Falls in northern Wisconsin. A series of Falls and ledges.

The Friends:
First day was on the Brule....during one of the most prolific mosquite hatch in recent history. Most of the day was fine, but towards late afternoon it was horrendous.

Second day we hit the White River SW of Ashland, WI.
We might have had as good or better days on the river in the past 30 years, but none of us could remember when.

All photo credits to Cole...who along with his buddy Dan were the rookies this year.
This annual trip started as a college fraternity activity over 40 years ago.

Arnie (Paul) and Bill.

 Cole, Tom, Pat, Bill, Vinod, Dan, Tim, (standing) Arnie, Me
 Me and Pat.

These were taken on Lake Superior a couple of weeks before our trip. We had decided to push our start back a few weeks due to the amount of snow and cold winter/spring we had in WI this year. Worked out well, except for the a fore mentioned mosquitoes.

The Companion. (a word Jason started using initially to describe his dog)
The third day it rained so no canoeing so I drove the 4 hours home to central WI. The next day was again fantastic so I took Jason, our 5 year old Grandson, for his first canoe trip on some water only a few blocks from our house. His grandma had gone out the day before and snagged him a sweet life vest...."with NO tail, grandpa!" (the strap that goes from the back to the front on little kids life jackets) We had been talking about canoeing all winter and he took to it in grand fashion.

I let him paddle as he saw fit for awhile, then suggested that he turn his pulling hand from an underside grip to gripping over the top. He stuck with that....and paddled steady for the 2 hours we were out there.

A few pontoon boats putted around with us, some faster than others. It gave me the opportunity to explain why sometimes it's best to head into a wave versus riding it out sideways and risk tipping. He loves to learn and was excited about the whole adventure.

After awhile Jason observed that he was making "tornadoes" in the water as he paddled.

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