Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kayaking for a Cause

In early spring Lynn came across this and I decided to make contact. Two young men that had just gotten out of the Marines are out to raise money to help their buddies that weren't so lucky and who ended up with very serious injuries.

I wanted to see about offering to help them out (mainly with my contact in northern Minnesota, Jim Lewis who wrote a book after he and his friends make the trip a few years ago) and possibly kayaking down the river with them for a day or so, like I did a few years ago with these Vets, but only use a kayak instead of a bike.

They have a website where you can read about their "mission" to help fellow Marines and donate, if you're so inclined.
They're the real deal and they did their research so as to pick the best charity to donate to so the people the actually need the funds get them.

On the river below Little Falls. Gabe, Nic, Jim.
 Taken just before Gabe and I launched below the Blanchard Dam. Gage, Nic, Jim, me.

Blanchard Dam.


Gabe, me.

Gabe and Nic.

Gabe resting as we wait for Jim and Nic to catch up to us after we launched below Blanchard Dam.


Nic, Jim, Gabe


Getting ready to head out.

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