Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bike Packing, 'Sconnie Fall Ride

Met a couple of friends, Todd and Scott (Bear) from  Barneveld, WI  (just west of Madison) in the middle of their 10 day jaunt around WI.
I met them about 45 miles NE of Plover at The Dells of the Eau Claire Co. Park.
From there we rode 2 days covering about 230 miles ending up at Trempaleau, WI.
From there they continued on SE towards Barneveld with 2 more days of riding and I went NE  back to Plover, about another 120 miles.
Great fall ride on various roads, bike paths (rails to trails) some paved, some not. Toss in a few gravel roads and we got to see it all.


Faster than a locomotive and stronger than a speeding bullet....or is that reversed?

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