Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fat Bike Birkie, 2015

3rd year. Good time racing, spending time with Lynn and with friends. From 200 races in year 1 to 400 in year 2 to 850 in year 3. Goal is 5,000?? YIKES!
The trail held up well, until the last 10k where the short race made it's turn to go back. Then there was a single groove in the snow and the rest of the trail was pretty soft.

16th out of 85 in the 50-59 year age bracket. I switch age divisions next year......I was the fastest 59 year old with my time faster than the winner of the 60 and above bracket....a guys gotta have a goal!

 Won some swag.

The Start.
Photo Credit, Fat Bike Birkie.

8.5k into the race, 1st aid station.
Photo credit, Craig Smith.

Double "OO" turn to head back.
Photo credit, Fat Bike Birkie.

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