Friday, March 6, 2015

Jason's first Fat Bike race. Sweaty Yeti 2015

Exposed grandson to his first fat bike race. The Sweaty Yeti at Levis-Trow.

Jason was watched over by friends while I raced. My original plans was to be on a team to be able to take time off the trail, but at the last minute our team went all solo. Was then planning on just doing a few laps and hanging out with Jason but every time around the 20-25 minute laps, plus we pass the start/finish during the race, so I got to see Jason every 10 minutes or so and as he was doing fine, I went more and more and got deeper into race mode.

After the race we got to try out a kids 24" fat bike a friend brought.

Gotta do s-mores.

Gramps out on the race.
We had matching furry helmets.

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