Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Weather was cloudy but not raining so we walked around town some.
Visitors Center. Grass roof.

Someone had a sense of humor.After some shopping at a local native carving store we took a trolley tour.
I rented a bike and took off on the 22 mile out and back Coastal Trail. I didn't see a nice bull that's in the link, but I did see this gal.

Wasn't in any hurry to move along, just stood there and stripped popple saplings while I stood there and took pictures.

Unsanctioned singletrack or Moose trail?.....better watch the trail as you rip down it. I stayed on the bike trial as I had a cruiser not a mountain bike, plus the trails were quite wet.

Last year they had issues with Black Bears on the bike path, I didn't see any.

Some random pics of Cook Inlet and the Chugach Range with the City below.

Off to Whittier in the AM.

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