Friday, July 10, 2009

Mountian Biking in Duluth

Spent a few days in Duluth for work.
Hit Piedmont Trail and ran into an old canoe acquaintance. He told me about Lester Park and checked that out the next day and then Pokegema south of Superier, WI the 3rd day to wrap it up.

Posted the following in the CORP (Capital Off-Road Pathfinders) website to entice the guys (and gals) to head north.

Been riding the Duluth, MN trails for a few years. The crew up here has been hard at work lately. If any of you family guys need a destination to take the whole family for a long weekend there is plenty of good riding, and things to do for the whole family for kids of all ages, while you hit the trails up here.

Museums, boat tours and I think the aquarium is still open.
Maybe team up with another family and hit the 4 lane all the way from Madtown to Duluth for some companionship out on the trails.

I rode Piedmont, Lester and Pokegema this week and have spent a lot of time on top of Spirit mtn racing and riding over the years. Haven't seen the sheer drop offs that are out at Lester since I was out west and the views out on Piedmont will make you drop your bike on the Moab type exposed granite to soak in the views.... guaranteed, or I'll buy you a burger and LARGE beer at the Anchor Bar in Superior all for $10....of course you'll need to share the place with some sailors that may or may not speak English, maybe a table next to you will have a gaggle of young goth gals with piercings in places your kids will stare at (even if they have seen some similar things in Madison) and even a few of the real harley riders (not the weekend lawyer type wannabes) will give you some room to get a beer from the bar.

Pokegama is a nice out and back to use as a recovery ride after the intense rides elsewhere but don't get too comfy out there, especially if it's a little moist, the roots will surprise you, not to mention the bridges....but the bridges out here can't compare to the ones out at false move on some of those and your dropping 20 feet or more on solid rocks.

Taken from the website below:
Terrain range and difficulty

Intermediate to expert. Descents toward creeks and bridges, especially, are most-wisely walked by all but the most-skilled riders.
Duluth has tons to offer. another Duluth bike site worth checking out some pics from Piedmont from last fall

Hit Levis/Trow on the way home from Duluth.

Made a couple videos at Levis/Trow in north central WI.

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