Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday ride near Madison

Met up with a couple guys from the local MTB club, Greg and Tim. Covered 50 miles on local Rails to Trails on an out and back ride.
Wasn't much traffic at 8:30 AM, but on the way it was rather busy. We see-sawed back and forth with this guy 3-4 times on the way out and met him coming back. The rain jacket must have gotten hot after awhile.
First stop at 9AM 7 miles out of town was for pancakes at Riley's Tavern. Passed on the Bloody Mary's.

Local singletrack was too wet to get on.
Heading down off of Blue Mounds Park.
Stopped at a friends for beer, but he was working....sucked for all of us!!

Military Ridge Trail.

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Dave said...

beautiful weather! Your lucky!
All I get here is 80* and sunny!
wanna see my new ride? come to FB...