Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Interesting Spring Day

A great spring day for a couple rides. Did a quick ride from the Condo in Madison to a local trail and did a dirt loop to look over the trail at Quarry Ridge. Tail looking good.
Then headed over to REI in Madison to buy a bike bag for the Salsa. Got there a little early and the Store Manager had the crew out back talking business over a disc golf practice session....nice.

Then headed to Cedar Rapids, IA for work. After work, headed down to Sugar Bottom Trail. Last time I was here it was under water from the big flood a couple years ago.

Was having trouble with the chain bouncing off the chain ring (only one ring up front) in the rougher downhill stuff. After the 4th time or so, I looked it over and saw the chain guard had slide off too far from the chain. After an adjustment things worked fine.
Met Phil who was out camping in the nice spring weather. He'd been doing some riding from area to area on his Surly Pugsley. I commented that I thought these big boys were more for riding in the snow or sand, but Phil said they work fine for touring. Good balance, stable and once those big rubber brutes get rolling, they want to keep on rolling. From the amount of equipment Phil had it probably made sense to have a strong bike with big meats on it to handle the load.

Note the guitar. I gave Phil my blog address, maybe he'll send a pic with all the gear on the Pugsley.
The basket was for his cat Percy, that had wondered off. Hope he comes back looking for dinner.

Came to a spot and just decided to stop and take a pic. Lucky for me. Like the time in MT when I decided to obey the sign out in the middle of nowhere to walk the park trail and I came across a rattle snake. If I'd have been riding, who knows what would have happened. (Man, this summer will be 5 years since that trip....)
When I stopped here I noticed a goose up the trail 15 yards after I took these 2 pics.
It was hissing and was not moving far from the trail. I figured there had to be a nest somewhere. I've heard that geese can be pretty mean, so I didn't want to push him and try to ride by, but had to locate the nest first so I knew how to avoid disturbing them.
Then I saw the hen on the the other side of the trail at the base of a tree, sitting on their nest. She wasn't moving an inch. I decided not to ride between the hen and the gander and cut across in front of them to the trail.

Stopped along the trail and took the next 2 pics at the same location.
Looks like the crew is making improvements. A floating bridge that was tied off to the tree across the way. A great idea for the area where the water level changes.
Came across this pic on a trail sign. A fellow rider that left us too early almost 5 years ago. From the rusty nails, the memorial appears to have been there for a bit.
Happy trails, Craig......and Garett. Another young rider from Madison that left us way too early last winter. Ride on together.

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