Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Roof on the Jungle Gym

My Father-In-Laws name is Jim, so his nickname is Jungle.
The house needed a new roof. Built in 1962, this will be the 3rd set of shingles for the house. The first roof was put on by Jungle's Brother-In-Law, Royal Archambo. Jim Colby, the roofing contractor pictured in this post, put the 2nd layer on 30 some years ago over the originals. This time around we had to take off the both layers. That original layer was bitch to get up.
Notice the pine boards used for the roof, didn't use plywood or modern day sheeting.

Bob and Matt. Sons of Jungle and Cleo.

Bob. Notice the 2 shingle layers.

Tom in forefront, brother-in-law. Bob, Matt's fine ass and Jordan, contractor's right hand man, on the right.
Jim, the Boss, inspecting. Jim was one grade ahead of me in high school. We played baseball together. As a Jr. I pitched some and Jim caught some.
Jim and Jordan put a new roof on my house 2 years ago. Every 2 years removing shingles is enough for me, it's damn tough work.
Jungle, the owner, surveying the landscape. He kept us in water and his wife, Cleo, got the pizzas for lunch.
Bob, the guy never quits!!
So, we noticed later in the day that Bob was missing. Found him!
Truck that brought the shingles. The laid out shingle squares.
From left: Matt, Me, Tom, Russ (Jordan's Dad, Tom's classmate) Jordan, Bob (after he got off the couch)
Russ earned 1 beer by helping us move the shingle squares.
Jordan, Russ (entertaining Bob. It seems Tom and Jordan aren't as interested).
Matt, Tom, Bob, Jordan, Jim and once again, Russ keeping watch.

Blurry video of the guys in action.

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