Saturday, May 1, 2010

3 hr singletrack loop

There aren't many places a person can ride a loop of 97% singletrack for 3 hrs. and cover 30 miles, ok, 29.57 miles and 3:02 to be exact, but the John Muir trail in the Southern Kettles is one. Just get on and ride, no need to stop and look at the maps. Don't ride anything twice in the loop to the Emma Carlin trails.

No pics today, wanted to keep the pace up (ave. 9.7 mph). Forgot to grab a few GU shots

or Clif Blocks,
which are fast becoming my favorite energy source. I didn't have much use for these products, but on long rides, they do make a difference when one's energy starts to wane.
Could have used a hit or 2 at the 2:15 mark. Just had one water bottle with a packet of Amino Acid mix in it. Made it last, but next time, more water, too.

Good work out today, trails in great shape after the rains yesterday. Low 70's.

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