Tuesday, May 18, 2010

White-Tail Fawn

Loaded up the STeed and took the Paragon out on the for a test spin with all the gear (water and energy bloks) that I plan on using this weekend. After a few miles on the singletrack, I veered off and was taking the xc ski trail back when I surprised a doe and fawn. The doe didn't go too far and the fawn could barely walk. After a few yards it laid down and tried to hide, only 2 feet from the singletrack that was just off the xc ski trail.
Had the cell phone with so threw the bike down and quickly snapped a couple pics with the mother doe standing close by.
Didn't want to make them too nervous, so it was a rush job.
Don't see this kind of thing road riding...love this aspect of mtb.

Click to enlarge.
You can see the bike trail lower left.

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nierman said...

demon deer! kill it! kill it!!!