Tuesday, May 11, 2010

HE-MAN Canoe trip 2010

2 1/2 days of canoeing/kayaking in northern Wisconsin ahead of us.
Day 1.
5 of us did what's called the "Ledges" on the Brois Brule River and the other 8 guys did a milder section up river.
Tom and Adam getting ready to hit the Brule.

Adam (bow) Jon (stern) ....they set a record today, dumped 5 times! Water was a little low, lots of rocks to avoid. In their defense, Jon let Adam, an relative newbie, paddle the stern for a lot of the trip.
Josh, Tom (dad of Josh) and Jon/Adam.
Interesting trees at times along the shore, reaching for sunlight once their roots get under cut.
Tom going through the first drop.
Josh going over same drop.

Jon and Adam taking the ledge/drop.

Maybe it's just me, but if I owned some land on the river, I'd rather see folks on my shoreline once in awhile versus always seeing "No Trespassing" signs every time I headed down to the water.

Maybe the 5 times over had something to do with the paddle that broke right out of the chute. No spare taken along.


Nose of Tom's Blue Bullet. Prijon Yukon Expedition.
Day 2.
Adam standing in the snow.

Decided there had to be better things to do than paddling in low water, snow and high winds.
One the road, outside temp driving south from Bayfield, WI to Prentice.

Tim, what form!! Looks like someone just hit you in the nutsack!
Later in the day a small crew of Tom, Josh, Bogie and Tim did a few miles down the Jump while Mac and I made a cooking fire at the hunting shack and Uncle Rudy took the "boys" on a little tour of a couple establishments.
At the hunting shack, lunch time. Mac, Josh and Tom/Bogie.
Other activities influenced by my Uncle Rudy. Little ship, captain, crew or 6-5-4 as some call it.
Uncle Rudy.
Day 3.
Tim, cooling off some, as if he needed to.
Bill's best canoeing footwear. A match for Mac's "tennises" he's famous for.
Old frat buddies, Bill and Arnie.
Launching on the Yellow near Gilman, Wisconsin.

Tom brewing some hot tea with a little chaser about 2/3 of the way down where we had a shore lunch. Click to enlarge.
After lunch on the Yellow I took my time floating down enjoying a cigar. The boys didn't forget about me and dropped off a beverage along the way, no cooler in the yak.

Bill after the float, tough work for an old geezer, I guess....or maybe acting as tick bait so the rest of us don't get any on us?
Or, maybe he's just resting up as he's soon going to be cooking up a huge meal for us back at the cottage. Bill is the chef of the crew.
The Mac Van loaded up.
Full load.

Adam (i.e. Waldo as in "where is Adam?") and Blair.

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