Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mid-Summer Kayaking

With the 5-6 inches of rain we received in the past 7-10 days in central Wisconsin we decided to get the yaks out.
Friend Tom and I did a local stream called Mill Creek twice in 3 days with the water 6" higher or better the 2nd time through, 3 days later.
1st and 2nd video of the same place on the stream separated by 3 days. The rock that was there the first time through was nowhere to be seen 3 days later.

Tom's son Josh joined us for the Little Wolf as well. We ran into a couple guys from Eastern WI that belong to a kayak club, Jack and Will. Was nice to have the company and a couple more sets of eyes to scout some of the runs.

A high number of trees had dropped in the river from the storms the past couple weeks creating some dangerous strainers.

From Wiki: "Strainers are formed when an object blocks the passage of larger objects but allows the flow of water to continue - like a big food strainer or colander. These objects can be very dangerous, because the force of the water will pin an object or body against the strainer and then pile up, pushing it down under water. For a person caught in this position, it will be difficult or impossible to get to safety, often leading to fatal outcome."

Josh and Tom coming down past one strainer and up and over another.

Of course, I broke my own rule of not changing batteries on my GoPro helmet cam before the run with the guys and missed some nice runs because the batteries were dead. Next time!

At the end of the run some kids having a good time on a hot summer day.

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