Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hawaii Day 2

With still being on Central Standard time (5 hr. difference) we woke up at 5:30AM.

And we thought Alaska had a lot of flowers.....taken near our condo door.
From reading a guide book called Maui Revealed, we knew there was an interesting rock formation called Dragons Teeth close by so we drove about a mile to small parking lot and walked down the edge of a golf course on one side (no golfers out, too early for them) and an ancient Hawaiian burial site on the other to get to the point.
This was near the burial site. Not sure what it was used for.

One thing we noticed right away there was not one sign pointing this area out. Without the book we'd never have known about it. We learned quickly that that's the way it is for most of the points of interest. If you don't have a guide book or have read up on what to see on Maui beforehand you'll miss a lot of sights.
We were lucky in that Lynn had a friend at work that gave her the book to use and it was unbelievably helpful throughout our stay.

Part of Dragons Teeth Point

Out on Dragons Teeth Point a group of 6 teenagers had spent the night fishing.
They were just starting to pack up when I arrived at the end of the point, so I offered to carry a couple of their lounger type lawn chairs up to the parking lot, 300 yards away.
They caught this eel, said they were going to eat it. Looks like it's an Undulated Moray Eel.

And I asked them to give a run down on their fishing. Very friendly kids.

They caught a fish they called a Bluefin trevally.

Molokai Island in the background. Dragons Teeth point.

We went back to the condo and had breakfast then rented some snorkel gear.
Day 2 was going to be snorkel day at the local beaches.
Tried 3 different beaches. All had plenty of fish and visibility seemed good. The colors didn't come out as well as I'd have liked. Water not clear enough and maybe not as much sun as was needed? The day was a little cloudy at times. A wide variety of fish to see.

Blue-Stripe Snapper.
Convict Tangs.
Saddleback Wrasse?

This was a school of fish that first appeared underwater as a cloud. The fish were almost transparent and as I swam closer it became apparent that there were hundreds of them.

Raccoon Butterfly fish.

Lynn and I had some lunch in the town of Lahaina.
Then back out snorkeling at a different beach.
Probably some type of Tang.
Moorish Idol.
And there were many more species.

The last beach of the day was the one in walking distance to our condo on Napili Bay. It was late in the day and was able to snorkel near a Green Sea Turtle while it ate on the algae growing on the rocks. The shots were taken in the somewhat murky surf about 6-8 feet from the hungry guy/gal . Low light levels as it was about an hour before sundown.

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