Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Denver, CO Day 4. Red Rocks, Mathews Winters

Had to head to Denver to watch the Packers with a couple nephews (Dwight from my side and Jon from Lynn's) and a friend of our sons and niece of good friends of ours, Angie (and her fiance, Beau).
Got to get a good ride in before the game at Red Rocks. It's a little confusing....Red Rocks and Matthews Winters seems to be the same ride. Oh, well. It was a very good ride, quite technical on the Morrison Slide, the uphill (coming from the south) was hike a bike...coming down it would be, too, but the DH going north was all ride able, except for some hairy switchbacks I choose to walk, didn't want to miss the Packer game! The Dakota Ridge section is definitely for confident riders. I walked a lot of it......not my style, but still a fun route and great views.

 Following taken from Morrison Slide.

 Following taken from Dakota Ridge.

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