Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dillon, CO. Day 1. Colorado Trail, Swan River section.

What more to say, good weather, an afternoon on the bike in a great location.
We drove the jeep out with the kayak, motorcycle and mountain bike.
Day 1: I took the STeed and the mtb for what I wanted to do and Lynn took the Jeep for her activities which included finding an happy hour and a local brew pub. We regrouped later for dinner. A great start to our vacation.


 Coming across NE the cross wind was so strong had to tie off the kayak. I had to move it froward  to avoid the stern hitting the trailer on a tight right turn, to the point it was acting like a lever.

  From a shot last July with the HiFi on the STeed.
 Trail shots, Colorado Trail, Swan Mtn Section:

Mountain Pine Beetles taking their toll. Hundreds maybe thousands of trees cut down.

 Summer over, Fall coming. Don't hang your head, you had a glorious run.

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