Sunday, September 18, 2011

Driggs, ID Day 6. Horseshoe Loop

Acting on advice from a local I saw on the Aspen Trail yesterday, I went to the local bike store, The Habitat, and picked up a trail guide book. Jeff, a buddy from PA, pulled in late yesterday as well.   Based on the guide book, we went out and tried the Horseshoe Loop. The Loop is described in the local mtb book as the trail made specifically for mtn bikes. The series of loops were a lot of fun...climbing, of course to start out, but well worth the getting to the top. Southbound was great.
Jeff took a ton of pics, so I didn't have to!! He also had his bear bells on...listen for them on the videos.

Jeff getting the route put together:
 Jeff coming down Prohibition Loop:
Jeff on the top of Southbound.
oops...fell off the skinny! Back tire didn't make it on, actually.

These were the best trails of the 4 ridden in the Driggs area.

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