Friday, May 4, 2012

Great Smoky Mtn Vacation...Fire...

Had a great time in and around the Great Smoky mtns last month. Plenty to do. This day we were going to go white water rafting, but when I opened the drapes to our deck our plans changed.

Condo complex of about 48 condos went up in smoke right next to our complex. Never heard what caused the fire. The complex was 15 miles or so from town. The fire department ran out of the fire got out of hand before more water could be trucked up the mtn. From where I was standing to take this picture,sparks landed behind me and started a 175 acre brush fire later in the day through the night and into the next day.
 Taken from our deck.
 Video I recorded of the local news...Yours truly commenting.
More info:

Right before the water ran out.

So, while Lynn was helping a 76 year old lady that lives by herself get as many personal belongings out of her condo as possible, I helped (when not capturing video that appeared on some local stations when after I sent them the clip) the local fire department rammed down our only escape after the flames prevented leaving out the front.

The TT doing some off roading, escaping the complex.
Nobody got hurt and the local Red Cross seemed to have things under control. So after driving the ladies car down the mtn. we took off to resume our vacation. The Company we rented from contacted us (impressive) and moved us to a different location.

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