Sunday, May 13, 2012

Take a Kid Mountain Biking, 2012

Take a Kid Mountain IMBA event.
Although not really meant for kids this young, I had to bring our Grandson out to see how he'd take it. He wasn't intimidated in the least. At 3 years, 3 months, he took to it eagerly.

Heading out to the singletrack. If you listen close, you can hear him humming the whole time.

Thirsty work!!! Even a little dirt from one of the diggers he took. Never seemed to bother him, just got right back up and took off again.

Random videos of "the ride" and the skills park.



Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! And thus another mtn biker is born. LOVED tyhe videos,my old friend :D

The Disabled Cyclist

mark scotch said...

it was a great time...I didn't get pics of him on the big teeter (about 3-4 times the "drop" of the one in the post...also, my blog page is goofed up...contacted google on it.