Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Annual Spring Bike Ride, BALLS V

This was actually a few weeks ago...guess I'm getting a little lazy.
BALLS V (basically a 100 mile mtn. bike ride on rail-to-trails of varying conditions) started like most of them, weather a crap shoot, leaning mostly towards crappy. It stopped raining long enough before the 7AM start for Tim Mullen and I to get out of the sag wagon (my trailer, where we slept for the night, in front of Bear's house) and join the rest of the crew as we got packed up and headed out.
Loading up the trailer.
 End of the ride prize.

Jin tossing in his bag....I think this was his 4th BALLS. He was in on BALLS to it later on.

Sorry Tim, I ate 2 of Bear's rolls before I realized he only made one was that cold cereal by the way?
15 or so decided to clean the garage, wash the basement floor or just hang on to Mommy's skirt as the rest of us, 35 or so strong, took off.
It was a fast lead out, 17 mph or so. Weather conditions not bad by BALLS standards. By the time we hit the exposed part of the ride, about 25 miles in, the sky opened up and we were all soaking wet and getting cold....and colder if you even slowed down, let alone stop. The front group I was with decided to grab a cup of Joe and warm up some and let the weather maybe sort it's self out some. Coffee, pancakes, oatmeal and the list went on.... quiche??? ok, Dave, whatever trips your trigger.
Random shots along the trail....I didn't take many pics this year. It seemed to be a year where people just wanted to keep going and get it done. I rode by myself a lot of the way, something different. If new to this blog, check out BALLS I for some interesting comparison pics.

It was damn cold actually due to getting so wet. Some riders carried dry clothes, some used rain coats, some just took off like it was a sunny summer day. Hummm....wonder who that was?
Cold feet were a common complaint. Buddy Tim stopped at a store to pickup some plastic bags to use as socks with one guy dropping because he couldn't feel his tootsies anymore....I couldn't either, what with my sandals and I took a peek once in awhile just to make sure they were still there.

I actually wore socks this year and something other than shorts....I'm getting to be a pansie, I guess.

These guys were rather amazing...I could never consume as many adult beverages as they did and still finish with the rest of the pack, if at all. At least the stops they took kept them riding with most of us mere mortals. Not sure what Dave was thinking, but Randy and Mike seemed to be having fun.
BALLS V.... in the bag....

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