Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sweaty Yeti Fat-Bike race 2013

Well, the punishment continued, sort of.
The day after the Birkie was a local fat-bike race. It's held at a great spot and the race director and trail builders are so dedicated I wanted to at least show up, even if I'd be pretty sore and stiff from skiing the day before. We had such a great time last year at this event I wanted to go again, even if we doing it differently by not camping and Chris wasn't here. The free beer tradition was carried over so that's always a plus.

So, I pulled in and was hoping I could bend the rules from being on a 3 person team into a 2 person team. The race was only 2 hrs. long so I was hoping to get a bit more riding than a 3 person team would allow. When it looked like it was 3 person or solo, I picked solo, not knowing for sure how my legs would  handle it. Then some friends who had a 3 person team already must have seen my anxiety and decided to split up and we became 2 2-person teams.

My legs although a bit stiff were fine, but I was glad I wasn't solo but also glad I got a solid hour of riding in alternating laps with my teammate.

All pic credits go to RD Steve Meurett (below) or Nathan Long.

The start...Steve and I have had some good political bantering in the past and am glad he still likes guns! The starting shot was made by him.
 Friend Al Potter.
 The coarse....

 FarmGuy, Greg Haack from Madison. Kindred spirit.....I'm 6 months older than him...but he acts older than me most of the least when he's not in the saddle of one of his bikes. ;-)

 My teammate, Jason. Nice smile!
 Your truly getting ready to make a passing move.
 Your Truly on the move!

 The Yeti...getting Sweaty!

Fell so hard it knocked the hide right off of his hands!

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