Friday, March 9, 2012

Sweaty Yeti Snowbike Race

2nd Snowbike Race of the year. The Sweaty Yeti at Levis Mounds, WI. This is great mtn. bike area in the summer and now with Snowbikes, a great place to ride in the winter. xc-skiing of course, as well.
A little over-view from a local newspaper.

With registration we got a T-shirt:


Chris (son) and friends Al and Paul came over. A few other friends had happened to show up and we had a great time.
After the race, we setup Chris' winter tent, with a wood stove inside, and had a nice toasty sleep.Maybe the brews helped...
A fellow rider, who decided to take pictures this day, did a great job and many of the pics I'll post below will be from him.
Ryan Nanney. Check out his work.

The race format was 3 person relay team. Me before the race sporting my wolfman hat and Russ getting a chuckle out of it in the background.

I went first, LeMans start (had to do a little run before we got on the bikes). Never was a runner, still not !
 Al was 2nd after my 15-20 minute lap. Around 2 miles per lap.

 Al and I at the transition.

Al ahead of brother Paul, who was on a different team.

 Chris was our anchor. Fastest guy on our team.

 Paul, Al's brother.

 Sand Creek Brewery gave away a lot of refreshments....everybody seemed to have won something.

Yours truly.....Thanks again to Jen for letting me use her Pugsley for the winter.
Cooper and I heading out for another lap. My last one of 4...Coop's maybe 15th?? He ran all day, with just about everyone. This was the lead out from the transition, probably the fastest part of the course. You can't tell by me, but you can see Cooper is legging it.
 1st lap, ahead of buddy Greg from Madison.

Ryan took great pics...Cooper, who ran with at least everyone for the 3 hour race....he slept well that night.
Cooper following a couple riders.

 Random shots during the race. Gomez getting a hand-up.
 Buddy Greg from Madison.
More dogs. They all got along and never got in the way. Fun time for them, as well.
 Chris and Randy dukeing it out.
 Greg and his tractor....we're in WI, whadya expect?

Randy showing off on his last lap.

After the race and a few beers, it was derby time. Riders ride in a slow tight circle. If your foot touches the ground, you're out. It keeps getting tighter and tighter until only one person is left riding and is the winner. Good bike handling skills are required.
 Fire pit.
 After the race...some goodness from Sand Creek Brewery. Lasted well into the night. Gomez found the best seat in the house.

Winter camping, tent setup.

 Al, Jason (friend if Al and Paul) Paul and Chris.
Chris and I the next morning.
 Getting ready for a morning ride.

The next morning, Chris, Cooper, Al and I took off for ride/run for an hour or so. When we got back, Al left for home and I traded in Jen's bike that I've been borrowing all winter for skis and with Chris and Cooper went out for another 90 minutes or so.
 Chris made the comment as we were standing in softly falling snow that there was no place he could think of he'd rather be....I had to agree.

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