Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winter Training 2013 1.4

Time in Pennsylvania. 18 degrees. 90 minutes around 17 miles in the crusty snow.

Decided to buy a bike to leave here. Was recommended to visit the The Bicycle Shop in State College by my friend that lives out here. Looked at a new Specialized but decided on a rental close out. Price was right.

The Lower Trail.


nierman said...

Giants are always spec-ed right. Nice rocks.

mark scotch said...

going to exchange the Giant for the Specialized after all. Would have to get a longer seat post to make it fit right. The Giant is a small frame and we thought in the shop it would work out as the guys said the frames run big and although the stand-over seemed fine, the cockpit didn't fit me well so coupled with the seat post issue decided to swap it.

Anonymous said...

A bike to leave in PA?
This is getting serious!
Are you like a dog, marking his territory? :-)

PA Jeff

mark scotch said...

seems to be more of an addiction than anything, Jeff