Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter Training 2013 1.3

Temps dropped this week....sking at 3 degrees and a couple fat bike rides.
Skiing on Timm's Hill National Trail. From Spirit Woods Ave (just past P) to C, where all 3 trails meet. around 8 miles out and back. Very cold, mostly uphill heading north and trail although hard, very ice crystally, really not much glide. A good workout!

At the turnaround. The tops of the trees were solid ice from the ice storm 2 days before the cold front moved in.

One bike ride on my urban route was really cold as I bucked a 15 mph head wind for part of it (-15 added speed of bike at 12 mph drops it to -20). No pics, too cold!!

2nd fat bike ride was a night singletrack ride,no wind temp was around 10. Heatwave!
Hartman Creek Wisconsin State Park. Little over 9 miles but in the crusty snow it seemed like a lot more. Good workout!

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