Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hunting 2013

Something to go after this season.
 Something for next year maybe.

Looking at the raccoon.


The one I got bow hunting.
Not sure if it was entrance or exit.
 He didn't go far.

Not a bad sized deer for a spike. Rattled him in. Was only in the stand 15 minutes before he came in shooting range to check out what the racket was all about.
The next night a bear tried to pull him off the meat pole. The bruin took the tail off with a bite to the hind-quarters and clawed the inside of the body cavity raking out some meat. Just good he wasn't able to pull the spike to the ground.

Likely culprit.

Slow season rifle season although it was plenty cold with snow. Pretty much the same for most of the hunters in the general area. Lots of wolves, lots of bears (they eat fawns in the spring), lots of coyotes.

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