Monday, March 10, 2014

Fat Bike Birkie, 2014

Fun time on a tough trail.
Tougher competition this year and was expanded from 200 to 500 racers.
15th out of 54 in my age group. Happy with that, especially after spending the last 3 weeks in Alaska trying to hit every brew-pub within a 350 mile radius of Anchorage with my wife and it was my first time on a bike in 3 weeks since the Su100 race.

As usual, it's all about the hills, whether gasping to get over them or gassing down the backside.
Plenty of pics.... #72!!

mtn. bike legend Ned Overend, who won the whole she-bang!

Super post race party.....won a pair of Specialized Ground Control Tires and got to pose with Ned.


Sue said...

Mark your fun never seems to end :)

mark scotch said...

yeah, winter was a blast! (except for not finishing AHU) More coming on Alaska.