Friday, March 21, 2014

Tour Of Anchorage, 2014

Slight change in the race:
Was really looking forward to skiing through Anchorage. Due to warm conditions that melted the lower part of the trail things changed.

A couple of days before the race checking out the course.
Slight delay. Chet, the local (been in AK for around 10 years, from WI) wouldn't go around it nor take his eyes off the moose. They have been known to stomp skiers. Chet works with kids teaching them to xc ski. Part of the training is how to handle a moose charge. They teach them to take off their skis and try to get behind a tree.

Photo credits Chet Fuhrmann.

See the moose? Zoom in on the trail.
ok, here ya go...Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore! (or Wisconsin for that matter)

At the race start.

Photo credits Lynn Scotch.

ok, I know...everyone is skinner than me...

At the finish. Dukeing it out with a fellow racer. 
The first 10k was tough up and down section. After that it was a gentle downhill in general to the finish which before the shortening of the race, would have been the 1/2 way point.
Still, plenty of fun. It was the last event of the vacation. 5 hours after the race I was on a plan heading to Las Vegas to a trade show for work.

Finished middle of the pack in my age group, no different than my Birkie results. Have to say, was pretty out of shape for skiing. That said, I really enjoyed the time skiing in Alaska. Anchorage, Soldotna:
and Fairbanks, which has maybe the best xc-sking setup I've ever seen.

and a little bit of skiing north of Fairbanks at Chena Hot Springs.
Started the trip with a race and ended with a race and have a great time with Bill and Sheryl, Chet, Charly, Steve and Kathy and of course a fantastic time with Lynn.


Sue said...

Very cool trip Mark! Maybe a trip back in 2015 for ITI 350?

mark scotch said...

Never say never....but odds are quite least for 2015!