Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Running of the Reindeeer, Anchorage 2014

Running of the Reindeer
A race that wasn't on my radar screen. Thanks to my lovely wife who came across it in the local paper I couldn't resist!

All dolled up! With Sheryl, our Host along with Bill who was out on the Iditarod Trail Invitational trail during these shenanigans.

 My vote for the best costumes.

And the stars of the show. I really didn't think they actually let then run with the people, but they do. After a couple of them whipped past me I got over the shock and watched how they weaved their way through the crowd to the finish, tilting and turning their heads as they maneuvered their antlers through the crowd of racers...some of whom were nicely shined up on the local hooch.

Interesting info on the reindeer antlers.


Sue said...

Nice outfit! And who knew you were a runner also? Maybe a 100 miler on the horizon? Running that is :)

mark scotch said...

- only if antlered animals are involved
- the opportunity to dress up like it's Halloween
- able to consume copious amounts of alcohol

would you ever see me run 3 blocks again!!

Beth Carpenter said...

Hi. I'm doing a post about Alaska men and would love to use one of these photos. Any chance you'd give me permission to post the bottom one? Thanks in advance - Beth Carpenter