Sunday, July 23, 2017

Colorado, 2017. Antelope Wells, NM

I caught up to Tyler about an hour from the finish of the Tour Divide Race. Quite an effort by these folks.....14-30 days of riding, some even more, to get from Banff, BC to Antelope Wells, NM.

Videos too large for blogspot.....each about 60-70 seconds. If you want to hear what Tyler has to say, click here.

Heath Wade, from Australia. Tyler and Heath ended up prttey much riding together the last few days.

As for Heath, click here.

 Tyler (green) Mark from UT (red) and Heath at the finish.

 I had some beer, coke and some grub ready for the guys. The only shade around.

 The next day, Tyler with his 2 favorite foods, getting some calories back.

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