Sunday, July 16, 2017

Ozark Biking

Hit up some trails while Lynn and I spent time in the Ozarks. It was a wet spring here as well as many parts of the Midwest.
In general, very good trails that drain nicely and due to the shale type soil, don't retain much water. Wet, but no mud or standing water.
- Rode parts of the KATY near St; Louis with buddy Beans that lives there.
St. Charles, Daniel Boone. "WELCOME"

- White River Valley, Branson. This trial was closest to our condo so I rode it a few times. Nice trail.
"JAKE IS IN LOVE WITH SARAH" hummm....wonder how that's going?

Not a good pic, but an old cabin and cellar along the trail.

A few hikers out on the trail. Tried to roll around one by going up some exposed shelf rock. Slid out. Rock was jagged and sharp. No Emergency Room visit, though.

- Lake Leatherwood trails near Eureka Springs....including Bench Loop, Twin Knobs, Minors Rock and Dam Overlook. Again, good trails. Some climbing but nothing too over the top....pun intended.

Miners Rock outcropping.

Random formations along Dam Overlook.

Eureka Springs is an interesting town, worth it to stop in. Bike Shop owner was informative as well. The town it's self isn't bike friendly, but the owner shared info on trails, how to get to Lake Leatherwood via the backdoor, and housing info.

We drove down to Bentonville to look around and I rode a couple of hours on the Slaughter Pen trail system. I did some loops on the Pen trails, then worked my way to downtown via other trail systems and connectors. There is a lot here....and it can get very challenging if that's what one wants.

I met Lynn and the Bike Rack Brewing Company and they have the original of a print I have from an artist in connection.

We stopped in Springfield, MO and we came across a Bike Museum. Well worth the time to stop in and check things out. James Allen is the owner, tons of stuff and great stories to back it all up. He had 3 Columbia 1900 era shaft drive bikes....but no Crawford.

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