Friday, July 21, 2017

Colorado, 2017. HPT, La Crosse, WI

Was planning this trip for a few months. I had decided to go in mid/late July on a solo trip hitting areas I haven't been to yet, especially Crested Butte.
Then in April on the BALLS ride when I spent the day riding with Tyler, he mentioned that he didn't have a plan for when he finished the Tour Divide. I volunteered to step up my trip a couple of weeks and pick him up at Antelope Wells, NM.
The plan started out me taking him to an airport, El Paso, Albuquerque or maybe Sante Fe and I would then take my 2 weeks. That got modified to me trailering the Honda ST1100 to NM and Tyler driving the Jeep and trailer back to Madison and me picking them up after my 2 weeks in CO on the STeed.
Then Tyler thought about joining me and after he got permission to take time off of work, the plan then was to just bring the Jeep and we'd take off together for CO after he finished the Tour.

Watching his blue dot on TrackLeaders, he was a couple of days ahead of schedule, so I left WI figuring he'd finish late Friday or early Saturday.

On the way Thursday stopped in at the Human Powered Trails (HPT) in La Crosse, WI.
It was a bit wet and slippery on the rocks and roots so I was taking it easy....then I came around a corner down in a draw about as far as the Jeep as possible and I slid out. Came down hard on my left thigh trying to protect my head. It was a bit serious, so once I knew nothing was broke I mounted up and took off before it started to stiffen the time I pedaled out and stopped and got ice the pain was quite serious and I was having a hard time driving and was actually getting a bit nauseous. I drove the next few hours with a bag of ice on my thigh. Was concerned I might have messed up my 2 week CO trip.

Covered about 80-85% of the trails. Had my fall out on French Connection, top left of the map.

Came up on this rock out on OBI or Twister.....somewhere out there. Dan is rider I've met during the Arrowhead and Tuscobia.

Some humor......

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