Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On The Road Again

Back out on BOB (bike on bike, mountain bike on motorcycle) this week. 4.5 hrs. for work up to a mill in the UP. Arrived and was told about this.

You just never know. Heard this song later on today.....although it's about lost love and learning to love again, it also talks about not wasting your "summers and springs" and that there are only so many of them, so do what you want in life, you only go around once and you only get one chance at it.
Time, time tickin', tickin', tickin' away.........

Got in a nice ride up there. 11 miles in just over an hr. 80% real nice singletrack.

After the mtb ride, drove on to Ashland on Lake Superior, another 3 + hrs....toward dusk. Drove slow, saw a few deer but luckily in the ditch, not on the road.

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