Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hillside Mtn. Bike Trail: Elk River, MN

Didn't even stop to take a picture even though I had my camera.
All I can say is if you're ever in MPLS with your bike, go to MORC and find Hillside and go try it on.
You won't be disappointed. If you're ridden in the past, they've added some things to bring a smile to your face.

After riding Hillside, headed east back toward WI on BOB. Around 8:30, after about 2.5 hrs of riding, the witching hour started. A bear, large snapping turtle (maybe the same one my wife saw on the road Sunday driving back from Madison, about 150 miles away? probably not...) with it's neck stretched out and many deer crossed in front of me. Stopped at the first motel I could find to get off the road. I didn't feel the need to push my luck.

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