Monday, June 8, 2009

Week 2 on BOB

After a nights rest in Madison from getting back from St. Louis, I took off on BOB again, this time heading for Duluth then International Falls, MN. 500 miles away.
Stopped at the Ojibwe trail near Cable, WI for a quick 1 hr reconnaissance ride at the end of the day, then on to Duluth for the night. Hit a meeting in Duluth and I'Falls on Friday, then rode Piedmont later in the PM after getting back into Duluth. Nice trail with a lot of interesting sections. Not for beginners.
Link to get to my ride from last fall with some pics.

Just a local on the on Hiway 2 south of Superior, WI that likes to carve. Great work.
The whitetail deer and moose both had SOLD signs on them, at $3250 and $5000 respectively. Put BOB in there to get some perspective on size.

Telemark Lodge, Cable WI. I stayed at the Lodge. The breakfast of a pancake, an egg over easy and the ham steak with the hint of smokehouse flavor was fantastic. Some bike art out front of the Lodge. You talk about a hard ride, check out the seat on that baby!

Other area activites: Home of this and this.
Although the Fat Tire is ran on the Birkie trail due to the amount of bikers, the single track up and around the Hayward/Cable area is great and good place to get 2-3 days of riding in without doubling up too much. Check out the area club, CAMBA.

Took off on the Ojibwe trail. 13 miles of really good single track.
After a 2.5 mile lead in of pretty steady uphill single track the first nice downhill was fun and I wanted to hit it. At the bottom was a loose turn and at 23.6 mph, I slide through it. Had to turn around and take a pic of the line.
Just a nice example of the last 10 miles....all real nice flowing ST. AND the best part, that 2.5 mile lead in turns into a 2.5 ripper back to the Lodge!
After a weekend in Appleton (and riding 175 miles in the rain Saturday on BOB!) where we celebrated our Grandson Jason's baptism, I went to MPLS for work. Had lunch with my oldest son and he gave me tour of the building where he works. While walking back to his place I spotted this rig. Check out this low seat, swooped handle bars, 29er single-speed fixie with the interesting front suspension.

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