Monday, October 5, 2009


3 days on the CAMBA trails in northern Wisconsin.
Time with friends.

Did these 3 in combination the first day.
Rock Lake
Patsy Lake
Around 29 miles with 3:45 hrs. riding

WALL STREET feature on Rock Lake Loop.
Sean showing how it's done.

Day 2 was the Makwa Trail. An out and back that is going to be a connector.
Around 25 miles 3:30
Getting ready at Makwa Trailhead.Removed rocks on the new Makwa Trail. Good flow to this new trail. Fun run.

Ojibwe Trail Loop.
About 14 miles 1:30

Fall was in the air but at least it didn't rain....or snow! Temps in the mid 50's during the day the first day but the 2nd day was bright blue and in the low 60's. Third day was similar to the first. Scott had his tent camper. No heat, but dry and padded for sleeping. Sean has his tent, though. Amazing how we always know when he was sleeping....he kept all the small animals away with his snoring proobably! Temps in the high 20's the first night but a little warmer the other nights We had an ample supply of firewood..... and beer.
The day before we rode we had our first big wind day. 20-30 mile an hr. winds. Many trees blown over. Constantly pulling small twigs from spokes and shifty things. We tried to make Bear break trail (and crunch the small debris) as much as possible as he didn't have to worry about the small limbs getting caught as much as us with his single-speed and they would cause less damage if they did.
Checking the map. Greg, Scott, Sean.
Hey! It's raining!
Ojibwe Trailhead
We got to hike-a-a bike through an active logging job. The logger used the single-track as his main skid trail for a few hundred yards.Greg before heading out......he's still smiling!Salmon for supper. 2" thick ribeye steaks the next night.
Fall colors coming in.
First morning after the 27 degree temps with the sun coming up behind creating the rising mist on Namakagon Lake.
After Ojibwe Trail ride at Telemark Lodge there is a miniture golf course setup. Bear and I talked about taking the drop but decided better not. Maybe if we were still 16...


Traci said...

Wow....Beautiful pics of the colors!!

mark scotch said...

miss the seasons a little?