Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Twin Cities Marathon

My oldest son, Chris, who is 32, ran his first marathon in the Twin Cites Oct. 4th. Time of 3:19-09, 7:36 pace. 9 Minutes short qualifying for Boston. Chris had no expectations to qualify and was just having fun along the way. Once he realized he was doing better than expected it was too late to make up the time. Can try to qualify for Boston in a marathon this winter, one in CA.

Used the Salsa to ride along for support from Minneapolis to St. Paul, then I rode back to MPLS. A gentle 40 miles of riding. Sure like riding this bike around town. Pavement, grass, mud, dirt, etc. Chasing the race I hit it all.
Race starts near the Metrodome....We won't forget you, Brent!
First off were the 10 mile racers. A friend of Chris' is in the front row....gal in the purple, Steph.
Next off were the the wheelchair racers. Warming up. Sleek machines.
Low-Tech Chair racer.
Wheelchair start video.

The Marathon start.

Chris early in the race.

More than muscle builders, it seems.
This guy juggled before and during the race.

Random shots before, during and after the race
Cycle carrying a camera person. A ST1100, a few years newer than mine.
Scullers on the Mississippi
Crew on the MissisipJoker art.
Moose hug then moving on.The race wound around a number of lakes. The same ones I skied over a few years ago when I skied the City of Lakes Loppet."Excuse me, but do you come here often?"Still having fun.
A number of bands played along the way.

Some arm cramps.

Made it!
Mom and a Guinness post race. Chris and new pup Cooper, an Alaskan Husky, after the race.
The dude on the way home to Madison.


Nick said...

isn't driving with headphones a little dangerous?

mark scotch said...

what? speak up I can't hear you! gettin' old ya know!