Saturday, October 17, 2009

(sub?) urban assualt 2009

A few of us from the mtb club took to the streets on a pub crawl after gathering for wings and beer at a suburban BW3. Original plan was to head "to town", meaning Madison, after some grub.
Our numbers were a little low as the coolish weather may have spooked a few but we sure didn't have any problem staying warm. Short, fast scampers between joints we stopped at ensured warm tootsies.
We hit 4 local bars, had a beer in each and then most of us headed home. Never got downtown...why ride past a bar when the goal is it stop and have a few beers? Maybe next year we'll pickup where we left off and keep crawling our way in.
Fun time doing something a little different.
Commentary at a minimum...what goes on during the urban assault, well, you know the rest.

Getting ready for Halloween at the Le TigreColeman having some fun


nierman said...

That SALOME poster is art by Rafal Olbinski... One of my favorite illustrators.

mark scotch said...

interesting, for sure.