Saturday, October 24, 2009

Scary Fissure

Been noticing a strange tire rubbing sound since August on my Gary Fisher HiFi mountain bike. At times when I'd crank hard on the left peddle, it seemed I could hear what resembled the tire rubbing for a split second.
Last weekend, while leaning into a tight turn during a ride, it made the same sound for 1-3 seconds. I slowed way down and joined the rest of the riders after a 100 yard ride out. I told the guys I needed to check the bike over. We tweaked, twisted, poked and prodded the bike but couldn't see or feel anything out of ordinary.
A rider that was behind me 30-40 yards heard the noise from where he was.

We got to the trailhead and couple guys I knew had just shown up and they checked the bike over as well. Nothing we could tell would have made the noise.

Took the bike into the shop this past Monday as it needed some routine brakes, look into the rear brakes as they keep rubbing and suspect that the calipers need to be opened/adjusted. My shifter cables needed to be replaced and front derailleur wasn't acting quite right.
Then I got into the tire rubbing noise. The mechanic removed the rear tire and we could see on the right front inside of the chain stay/swing arm where the tire had rubbed. It was bright and clean with the area cupped out a little, so it was obvious the tire had rubbed there. We could see on the lugs of the tire dulled silver from the rubbed off aluminum.

One thought was the wheel was not straight but that was not the base cause of the noise and rubbing.

Got a call the next day, the mechanic saw what he thought was a paint chip, after he opened it up some found the crack on the swing arm.
Another frame failure.

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