Monday, January 4, 2010

Ski in the cold

squeak, squeak, squeak....not a good sound emanating from the ski boots walking from the Heep to the trail. 5 degrees, blue wax, 2 pair of crotch wind blockers on....need I say more?

you GUY skiers out there (especially skate skiers) know what I'm talking about! As for the gals out there, I have no idea what the cold does to you!
I do remember a few years ago in Duluth, MN on a particularly cold ski day witnessing a young high school age boy writhing in pain on the floor after getting back to the chalet. "Things" or should I say, "his thing?" started to warm up and thaw out some and the pain was obviously excruciating. Not much sympathy from the young ladies standing around giggling. Bet that was something he never lived down.

I've never been that bad, but I do remember a few times in the early years, before I had the wind blockers and before I knew the value of them, driving off from the ski trail and having to pull my Jeep over till the pain subsided some, on the verge of barfing.

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