Friday, January 29, 2010

XC Ski, Sweden

Returned from the Castle to Kista, Sweden, just a few miles northwest of Stockholm, where our office is. About a block down the road from our front door is a woods/park/nature area. Been here mtn. biking over the years but never skiing.
Normally the weather it too warm for the snow to stay, but they've had snow on the ground since Christmas.
Fellow worker from Sweden brought this pair of touring skis and boots for me. Not built for speed maybe, but great to get some time on the snow and to do some bushwack sking.
Some basic Swedish architecture found out on the trail.
Hives for Honey Bees. Large Pine.
One of the locals out on the trails.
Groomer/track setter.
Small loops off the main trial. None were groomed and few were skied on. Took a few of them. Nothing too crazy.
Some of the same trails for biking on the paths in the summer. Not mtb singletrack, though. Those were separate.
Only brought the B cap. Temp was around 18 during the day. Little cool for Stockholm, I guess. Being close to the Baltic Sea normally keeps the area fairly mild.

Forgot to bring gloves. A fellow worker from Oregon let me use his. They were fleece, not beaver. ;-)
Random videos. The train connects Stockholm with it's airport which is north of town.

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