Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011 He-Man Canoe trip

Tim and Rick on annual He-Man canoe trip. Rick supplied some of the pics in this posting.
Brule, White and New Wood Rivers. First time in 20 years I cut it short. Went home after 2nd day to attend my wife's MBA graduation. A no-brainer.

The flotilla. 15 guys or so this year.
Pat and the "silver cup" made famous by America. Amarillo, if I remember correctly.
River art.
The rookie, Brian....Kelly always brings cigars.
Brian didn't get to smoke all of it. By this time he went swimming once with Nick, and right after this he went again. I was in the canoe with him, but I was able to let him launch without him taking the canoe (and me) with him.
Tom helping Tim out as we head down toward Mays and Lenroot Ledges of the WI Brule.
Tom crossing back to get his canoe.

The Support crew waiting for us to come down....doing what they do best!

Tim coming down.
Adam, well... looks like he's taking a water sample and counting the number of times he dumped so far today.
Tom, no sweat.
Yours truly, cheating river right.
I bypass the carnage.

Vid courtesy of Nick.

Mike a little sideways after releasing his water sample from earlier.

Later that night........
Love a first sight? Blue cue spot in memory of a former canoeist... no he didn't drown, he got married.

Vinod and Tim getting the cook fire ready for shore lunch, the next day on the White.
Mike and Adam found some nice birch bark along the river.

Tick bait?

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