Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cheq 100 mtn. bike race. 2011

Cheq 100 mile mtn bike race/ride in the books. Some of the best single-track in WI. CAMBA trails, Cable, WI. Chris and I decided to stop at mile 70 so we could socialize with the guys (code word for beer and BS) and not stay out till dark to finish like last year. The deluge at mile 60 helped in our decision.
Congrats to the all the participants and especially to the finishers.
Bear reserved a huge old lake home, 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms. Porch and all, where Chris and Cooper slept. 17 the first night, 15 the 2nd.

Bikes everywhere!

Mike on the right won last year. Took a wrong turn and also got a little sick this year. His girlfriend, Heidi, finished it out. Great job!
Chris and Ryan at the start. Ryan finished!
Dave Hill pulling firetower hill.

Taking a fuel break, mile 43.
Bag drop, water filling and as much food as ya can stuff down. Mile 55. We headed back out and promptly got drenched and mudded up. I was eating as much sand as food an hour out from this stop and didn't put down enough fuel....slowed us down.
Richard at the finish. Single speed rigid, as tough as you can get.

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