Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cuyuna, Crosby, MN

Cuyuna Trails.  One of the latest IMBA efforts. Designated as a Ride Center. Grand Opening is less than 2 weeks away and the official opening was just yesterday. Lucky I had some work to do up in MN and the weather was great, so timing is everything as they say.

This is an area that was a source of iron ore. The trail is on the old tailings dump. The MORC crew came up to help.
 The old pit and the height of the tailings dump.

 Left the trial-head with a guy that got there the same time I did/. Jeff from Minneapolis. Was fun riding with Jeff. He kept an eye out making sure I was coming up behind him.
 Cool groove of birch trees.

 Jeff was the navigator. The trail is a maze of spiral loops heading up and down the tailings.

 Some locals coming down from the view point in an old pickup, or did we step back in time when the ore was still coming out of the ground?
 tick season, still.

 The view point, lake level.
 180 degree view change.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,
It was great exploring the new trail with you. I'm glad we hooked up.
I went back this last weekend for the MTB festival.
You'll have to check out the Yawkey Mine Lake section when you return, There are some very technical sections in it. It was great!
Have a great season,

P.S. My buddy endoed in the Rocky Flats section in the same spot you did. I'll bet that happens a lot!

mark scotch said...

Hi Jeff, nice to have met you and cruise around some. I might be back there next week sometime.
What!! ME ENDO??