Sunday, May 1, 2011

BALLS IV in the books. 100 miles on Mt. Bikes

BALLS IV completed. I only did the first day, 100 miles. Had to head to Cincy on Sunday, plus didn't want to press my luck on the broken foot.
One or two Ibuprofen taken with every endurolyte seemed to work well.

Tim and Pete filling water bottles. Sean's wife had us set with pancakes, sausages and nanners.

Clan Mullen. Pete (1 BALLS) Tim (3) Sean (1) Patrick (1)

The Mayor, Greg and Dave.

Greg warming up.
Loading the sag wagon.....I hope the next view of this trailer will be of the STeed with the HiFi on it, loaded up for CO and ID.
Heading out of town.
Todd explaining to Patrick how the wind pushed him sideways off the shoulder which made Patrick slide out trying to avoid him.
Same warm beer sign we've seen the past 4 years.
Tim stretching out some.
Always have an opener near by. Thanks to Chris for the brews at the end of the trail.
Richard and his Pugs. Just got off a section where it really shined...10 +miles of loose gravel.
Last stop before the last 27 mile sprint. Tim getting some energy setup at Subway.

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