Saturday, July 9, 2011

Curt Gowdy, IMBA Epic, WY.

Camped out at Curt Gowdy. IMBA Epic trail. Rocky!!!
Lubed my cleats, turned down the spring on my SPD's. Many speedy dismounts needed. Only did one black/expert trail, EL Alto, to get a view. Other than that even the red/advanced had a lot of stuff I walked. The blue/intermediate was plenty. The altitude had me sucking wind the first mile or so climb, after that I got some blood in my legs and held on fine.

 I did about 75 yards and decided it was more work than play!!
 Temple Stone...trail namesake.
 Fellow trail users.....plop, plop, if you get my drift.
 Different angle of Stone Temple.
 Sharp right at the bottom.
 Wish my cacti at home would bloom this beautiful. They were everywhere.

 From El Alto.

More fellow trail users.
Half way between Laramie and Steamboat, Walden, CO.

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